3 PM                        DOORS OPEN


4:45 PM                 JUDGES SELECT FINALISTS

4:50 PM                 PRESENTATIONS

Welcome –  Steven Greene

Welcome – Judith Sheft, NJIT

 Introduction to Investor Panel – Steven Greene

5:10                         STARTUPS PRESENT

Moderator – Alan Brody, iBreakfast

6:10                        JUDGES ANNOUNCE WINNERS

6:30                        FINAL ANNOUNCEMENTS


Rick Pinto, Stevens & Lee   Rick chairs the firm’s Venture, Technology and Entrepreneurial Services practices and is a member of its Corporate, Finance and Capital Markets Department. He represents public and private companies and non-profit entities in all phases of organization, financing and operations. He handles mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and corporate governance issues and negotiates complex commercial and licensing agreements for companies in the IT/software, Internet, pharmaceutical, medical device, health care, telecommunications, energy, real estate, manufacturing and a variety of otherindustries.

Tom Olenzak, President of Robin Hood Ventures, has 20 years of investment banking, venture capital, financial and senior management experience in the information technology, healthcare, life sciences, and environmental industries. He works with high growth companies as a financial advisor, and is currently acting CFO with LifeCare Gateway.

Donna Usiskin, Principal & VP of Business Development, is a member of the Healthcare IT team and Leader of the Business Development Team at Edison Ventures.  She was VP of Sales, North America, for Connextive, and Regional Sales Manager for Princeton Softech, an enterprise database management solutions company.

John Ason has been an angel investor for over 14 years specializing in early stage pre-revenue companies. He has made about forty eclectic investments in the areas of e-commerce, technology, advertising, digital social media and entertainment. Some of John’s investments: Xlibris (www.xlibris.com) – Internet self publishing Tucker Toys (www.phlatball.com), Bikini (www.bikini.com) ,Centrak (www.centrak.com), Fulcrum Gallery, Diapers (www.diapers.com).

David Teten, Partner  ff Venture Capital David is Chairman of Harvard Business School Angels New York and Founder and Chairman of Navon Partners, a data and analytics company focused on analyzing private companies.  He was formerly Acting CEO of Vertical Key, a web-based software service for managing large-scale events. Previously he was a Managing Director with Evalueserve, a 2,500-person global research and analytics company, and Founder and CEO of Circle of Experts, an investment research firm acquired by Evalueserve.  (Circle of Experts was later acquired by Advantus Global.)

Glenn Fratangelo Chief Operating Officer, Innovation Garden (IGAP) is a highly structured advisory program which provides strategic business development, operations management, brand marketing, and digital marketing services to accelerate product awareness, sales, and operational efficiency.

Heather Gilchrist, RAK Tech Fund VP, Investments  Heather was a founding member of educational technology startup Grockit (http://Grockit.com), the world’s first massively multiplayer online learning game. Grockit made an early pivot that was essential to its success. The experience inspired her to become more deeply involved in the entrepreneurial community. She currently advises several student and other young entrepreneurs in New York and Washington, D.C., and is developing two related projects, one with D.C. Tech activist and entrepreneurship attorney Adam Zuckerman and another in-house at RAK. RAK is an angel fund based in SoHo with a preference for seed/early stage investments in entrepreneurs and technologies that more fully integrate web-based, mobile, and “IRL” relationships among individuals, businesses, and industries.

Kamran Hashmi Innovation Zone Officer, New Jersey Economic Development Authority. Kamran Hashmi is a Venture Officer in the EDA’s Technology & Life Sciences division, where he is responsible for marketing the Edison Innovation Fund and technology-led state incentives to potential applicants, consultants, technology transfer offices and partnering organizations. Kamran Hashmi graduated from Rutgers University with an MBA in Business Strategy. Before joining the EDA, Hashmi worked in Biotech, RFID, and Logistics firms in a marketing capacity. Kamran also manages individual accounts in EDA’s technology portfolio and has been the department lead in internal CRM and Knowledge Management initiatives.  He previously served as Innovation Zone Officer for the Greater New Brunswick Innovation Zone (IZ) and managed a board of key IZ stakeholders.

Tom Olenzak President , Robin Hood Ventures, Mr. Olenzak has twenty years of investment banking, venture capital, financial, and senior management experience in the information technology, health care, life sciences, and environmental industries. He is currently a venture partner focusing on health care information technology investments with Safeguard Scientifics, a Philadelphia-based venture capital firm. He works with high growth companies as a financial advisor, and is currently acting CFO with LifeCare Gateway, a firm providing a healthcare financial planning platform to financial advisors. He was a managing director with a technology-focused investment banking firm, formed and managed a corporate health care venture capital fund for First Consulting Group, and was a Vice President for Corporate Development and Strategic Planning for FCG and for Integrated Systems Consulting Group, a public predecessor to FCG that focused on technology for the pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Olenzak began his entrepreneurial career as President, Chairman, and a founder of Cutting Edge Computer Solutions, Inc., a client/server consulting firm. Mr. Olenzak has a BA in economics from Princeton University

Zev Scherl, General Partner, NewSpring Capital Mr. Scherl is a General Partner of NewSpring Capital, with significant experience in principal investing, corporate management and finance, focused exclusively in the health care and life sciences industries. Prior to joining NewSpring in 2003, Mr. Scherl worked with Pequot Ventures, which managed venture funds in excess of $1 billion within Pequot Capital. Previously, he was a member of the health care investment team of Behrman Capital, a private equity investment firm which managed over $700 million. Before entering private equity in 1997, he served as Senior Director, Strategic Planning, for Value Health, the largest independent pharmacy and mental health benefit management company, where he structured multi-year contracts with leading pharmaceutical companies and executed key growth initiatives, prior to its successful sale to Columbia HCA. He also served as U.S. Manager, Pricing Policy at Merck & Co., and prior to that was in the investment banking group at Lehman Brothers. Mr. Scherl is currently a board member of Core Essence Orthopaedics, EKR Therapeutics, Immune Control, and Nitric BioTherapeutics. He was a board member of AppTec Laboratory Services prior to its sale to Wuxi Pharma and Scandius BioMedical prior to its sale to Covidien. He received a BA with honors in economics from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Mayra Ceja, President & CEO, Tiger Cub Advisors, Mayra Ceja is an entrepreneurial executive with a unique ability to understand and bring together both sides of the table.Having worked directly with investors and VCs, she has a unique ability to understand the deal from both sides of the table. Her work experience includes marketing and fundraising for Guggenheim Partners.Prior to that, she was an analyst at AIG Global Real Estate.

Peter Hagen, Managing Director, IQ Ventures  Venture capital and private equity for emerging and middle market companies.


Guest Access to the NJIT Network February 3, 2012

Welcome to NJIT. Please make use of the wired and wireless connections available in the meeting area. To do so please follow these three steps:


1.     Connect using either a wireless or wired connection. Addresses are assigned automatically.

·        Wired: Most wall plates are active in the meeting area and noted by a RED or YELLOW port on the wall plate.

·        Wireless: Connect to the Site ID (SSID) of “njit” (all lower case, no quotes) which should appear in your list of available wireless networks.

2.     Authenticate by visiting the website: http://auth.njit.edu/ when prompted enter the following authentication credentials:

User name (UCID):       guest565

Password:                     notify33

If the “Please enter your UCID and Password” prompt reappears, verify that you have entered the correct UCID and Password, this means you have provided an incorrect username and password combination.

3.     Access to the NJIT network should now be available. Your guest account will give you access for 6 hours. After that time you will be asked to authenticate again if you are using a web browser. If you are not using a web browser simply open one and repeat step 2.

Please note that these access credentials are only good until midnight of 2/12/2012.




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