Guest Access to the NJIT Network February 3, 2012

Welcome to NJIT. Please make use of the wired and wireless connections available in the meeting area. To do so please follow these three steps:


1.     Connect using either a wireless or wired connection. Addresses are assigned automatically.

·        Wired: Most wall plates are active in the meeting area and noted by a RED or YELLOW port on the wall plate.

·        Wireless: Connect to the Site ID (SSID) of “njit” (all lower case, no quotes) which should appear in your list of available wireless networks.

2.     Authenticate by visiting the website: when prompted enter the following authentication credentials:

User name (UCID):       guest565

Password:                     notify33

If the “Please enter your UCID and Password” prompt reappears, verify that you have entered the correct UCID and Password, this means you have provided an incorrect username and password combination.

3.     Access to the NJIT network should now be available. Your guest account will give you access for 6 hours. After that time you will be asked to authenticate again if you are using a web browser. If you are not using a web browser simply open one and repeat step 2.

Please note that these access credentials are only good until midnight of 2/12/2012.


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